・彼氏に見せたい!友達を連れてきたい! また仲間と来たい!

The customers’ impression.
The materials about sex education is great. This museum is serious and fun.
I want to come with boyfriend! I want to come with my friends again!
I am happy because I could get to know the fact which nobody told me.
The video is great and that was good experience for me.
The beautiful stained glass in the toilet is amazing. That is worth to come this museum.

 ♪演奏会 発表会 漫才 お笑い 落語 トークショー 演劇 ファッションショー・・・etc

We will rent our museum where video or drama location (admission charge is need)
Why don’t you produce good movie with our exhibitions is for background.
The charge is varied from time and situation.(TEL:0279-55-6677)

人類=地球人が 『人つ』 になり、我が地球・たくさんの命を守りましょう。

I made this work imagining everyone would unite into one.
Now is not case conflict or warfare.
We are living on the beautiful planet globe.
If we overcome religious and racial problems and use the war money for the tree planting, all deserts on the globe will have changed into the forests
The apace development is not bad but if the globe is distinguished it comes to nothing.
We anticipate 20〜100 years later let’s plant the trees.
If plant the tree in the city, village even valley between skyscraper and planted 6 billion trees the global warming will be stopped・・・
Unite mankind=earthman and protect our globe and lot of life.

人間として生まれ、その『原点である性』を 避けて通ることは出来ません。
性は明るく楽しいもの、悩むのではなく 気軽に相談できる環境を作らなければと考えます。

皆様の ご来館をお待ち申し上げております。

Necessarily join us whenever
you come to Gunma prefecture

The mankind has inherited DNA for long history and we are living at this moment.
As long as born human beings we couldn’t live without sexual desire which is origin of human birth.
The sex is cheerful and enjoyable, not to worry.

We consider that making good surroundings to consult freely is important.
You can learn and experience about the human’s sex and its culture from various directions in our museum.
Our museum exhibits many displays such as models, panels, videos, stone status・・・ to learn pleasantly.
There is lots of element of art museum, data library, adult shop.
Here is recommended tourist spot in Ikaho Gunma pref.
We are looking forwards to see you.

Let’s play in Gunma. Let’s play in Ikaho. Let’s play with pack tour. Let’s learn with many people pleasantly!.


〜 命を実感すること・性を知ること 〜

あなたは そのつもりでも 



〜To feel I’m living・ To aware sex〜
The life is the most important for human beings.
The sexual desire is the one of the three biggest desires.
We have to appreciate this desire and take care of own life・・・
But sexual desire is also troublesome and nuisance.
Can you pass through this desire pretending you are indifferent to?

You intend to do so but others don’t allow you to do so.
No aware of sex is not allowed.
You can tough the mystery and culture of sex from various directions in our museum.
We frankly display the act of sex, impregnation, pleasure of sex, sex industry・・・
We are pleased if you accept and lough at these exhibition as the fact.

記事 news

開館時間 9:30〜17:30  駐車場有り 
       TEL&FAX 0279-55-6677  
       URL http://www.inotitosei.jp

        1500球の LEDドームベッド
来館記念に、赤ちゃんを作っていこう !!?  日本は出生率が低くこのままでは
人口減少がはなはだしく国力も落ちてしまうでしょう? そこで ミュージアム来場
を記念し赤ちゃんを作っていきませんかな〜んて・・・ 見るだけでも オーケー!!
はしごを上がり頭を出すと ワーオ! 1500球のブルーライトが点灯いたします

The doom shape bed room with 1500 LED lamps.
Let’s produce children to commemorate coming our museum?
The birth rate of Japan is low, if this situation continues the population will degrease so much and expect GDP also down.
So why don’t you produce children to commemorate coming our museum?・・・
Just joking. Just watching is OK!!
You go up the ladder and look up “Wow・・・”
1500 LED blue lamps light.


The museum of the life and the sex in Ikaho

初めての作品参加で 『TAIHEN』が 前橋市民展50周年記念・奨励賞をいただきました!!素材は金属・粘土・木・金粉・塗料。片足重心でバランス立ちをしています。
笑顔、おしりに手、太陽に月、DNAデザインや まが玉の形(胎児をイメージ)に緑、赤の顔、胸に手を当て涙したり、青い眼、分厚い唇・・・断片的なデザインをちりばめました。
360度の見る角度で黄金の腕が2体に つながって見える場所が見所です。

My first entry to Maebashi
Art exhibition entitled “TAIHEN (awful)” is awarded 50th anniversary encouragement award!  The materials are metal, clay, wood, golden powder and paint.
It stands with one leg keeping balance.  Less baby born and resulted Japanese population degreasing is awful!  You enjoy with your partner every night and morning to produce children and spend wonderful life.  If not Japanese future is awful. Naming is come from that.  The smiles, hip and hands, sun and moon, DNA pattern image and ancient accessary (imaged fetus shape) and green and red face, tears with hand touch onto chest, blue eyes・・・ these design are stud.  From every direction visible but the golden arms connected looked two bodies is good view point.

Zip code 370-3606
Kaminoda 1256-72 Yoshioka machi  Kitagunma county Gunma prefecture
Open throughout the year. 
        Opening hour 9:30〜17:30
        Parking lot is prepared. 
        TEL & FAX:0279-55-6677
         email : inoti@orion.ocn.ne.jp