The museum of the life and the sex in Ikaho
This is our museum


Here is the lifelong study museum about life and sex.

命と性について このミュージアムを見ていただき

You learn about life and sex in our museum and this give you the hints to be happy・・
・we hope such things. 

The first floor shows as follows contents. The structure of body. The timing of sex education to the children. The selection of baby boy and baby girl. The avoidance of genetic disease.Tohope the baby to be happy. The contraception. The overcome of infertility. The AIDS The interregnum. Give the life to the earth. Lengthen healthy life. 

性に関するアレコレ展示、いつまでもラブラブのための性の大道具・小道具など 癒しの大人の空間です。

The second floor is at random exhibition about sex. The various adult goods to keep vivid sex life for long lasting. The healing space for adult.

館内全体はビデオ・石像・パネル・・・他 見るものがいっぱい! 1時間くらいは 見てほしいです。

There are many display to see such as video, stone statue, panels・・・ You would enjoy at least 1 hour.
  性は明るく楽しくね  しかめっつらでは つまらないでしょう・・・曲った見方をする人は入館しないでね 性欲に満ちてる方は さらなる元気のもとに・・・元気がなくなってきた方も 今後のために 一度はご来館くださいね!幸せになりたいカップル、妊娠しているカップル、家族で性教育に、笑いたい団体旅行、卒業旅行などに・・・五つ星★★★★★だね!

The sex is cheerful and fun. Play sex with wry face is not fun. You wouldn’t be better come to our museum if you are prejudiced. If you are voracious to sex here is to motivate to sex. If you are losing sexual desire we recommend to come our museum at once for your future! Our museum is suitable for the couple who want to be happy, pregnant couple, cheerful group tour・・・ Our museum is absolutely five stars!

  ミュジーアムの図書コーナーは命と性に関するのものがいろいろあります。ふつうの図書館にない珍しいのもあります。写真集以外は現品ですが購入できます。一日、読書をしてゆく方もいます。ゆったりのんびりミュージアムで大人の勉強をして 物知りになって 今後の人生に役立ちますように・・・より幸せになれるように願っています。
Museum's book corner has various things concerning life and sex. There are things that are not in ordinary libraries, and rare. Besides the photo album, it is an actual item but you can purchase it. Some people read books one day. Learn relaxedly and learning adults in the museum and knowing it to be useful for future life so that I will be happier ... I hope to be more happy.